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Trust-Coöperatie  Nikita van het Huis VanBeelen


De trust-Coöperatie is de Sui Juris zelfstandige privaat bestuurlijke rechtspersoon van de Beneficiair van de individuele geboorte Trust van de Origine. De Trust-Coöperatie rechtspersoon is actief zodra de Akte Canon 2057 Canon 2124 Ontbinding BRP en CQV Cestui Que Vie interim trust is verzonden.

Het niet berusten in de BRP en de CQV door de Beneficiair  In Trust, maakt een einde aan de exploitaties onder de schijn van wettelijke rechten ( Color of Law ) met behulp van de inschrijvingen gemeentelijke BRP en de Cestui Que Vie handel met vóórkennis, georganiseerde intimidatie, dwang, rackereering, afpersing en onteigening onder de schijn van wettelijke rechten ( Color of Law ) door de niet-erfgerechtigde commercieel politieke buitenstaander derde partijen.

De Beneficiair In Trust is niet politiek. * De Beneficiair In Trust is geen openbaar bezit. * De Beneficiair In Trust  is niemands publiek. * De Beneficiair In Trust is privaat. * 

De Beneficiair In Trust Berust Niet.


Publiek Is Presumptie

Gewoonterecht Is Geen Wet

Privaat Is Wet

The Authority of Values Rising


1 My lineage is my authority.

2 My sole soul lineage is my bio organic spiritual umbilical and silver divine spiritual cord.

3 The book that is called 'bible' is a trust manual and a notarial umbi(b)lical record of God's Trust of which i am the Beneficiary In Trust.

4 Beware of the goat rider luciferian Great Architect's master minds spiritual emotional trust shield breakers.

5 They want our trust broken down as we've obviously read our trust bible and now learned the deceit of Isaac by Jacob and the framing of Esau, the first born heir!

6 Both umbi(b)lical trust manual and belief must be eliminated according to Lucifer. Ongoing of course.

7 For both trust and belief reveal the principles of hereditary rights for each and every one much to the king's disgust of which Samuel made some notes.

8 They hunt my trust which they keep calling out as my (despicable to them) "belief" only to demonize the Beneficiary and force upon the Heirs their principles of satanic intellectual uni-verses for the masses.

9 They are horrendously trained crown agents hunting my birth Trust Origin wealth.

10 They are the preachers of mendicancy.

11 Beneficiaries are presumed 'persons' to them: stupid slaves in advance no matter what.

12 Everything Beneficiaries communicate is being mocked and downgraded in advance.

13 This is the "people" and "person" dead entity treatment of the king's dark sun(glassed) militia IHS.

14 The individual must remain the "masses" waving along side the road in honor of Roman imperial slavemasters which ofcourse is nothing but the waiver of individual rights ritual.

15 One on the right side is the majority they suppress.

Know their emotional spiritual fracking methods and semantic patents on truth with which they try to debilitate the Beneficiaries of their Trust Origin.


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